Wisconsin School Music Association

The mission of the Wisconsin School Music Association is to perpetuate music in our schools and carry out educational and charitable purposes.

A one page and two page layout. The one page on the left has a guitar with a white background. the photo is in black and white. the two page one is set up to look like a dinner plate. However, instead of a plate, there is a vinyl record spanning the page break. To the left of the record are two forks. To the right are a knife and spoon.There's a photo of half of a guitar, (split symmetrically). The photo is in black and white. There are several lines pointing to certain parts of the instrument with small text.There are two layouts here. On the left, there's a black background with white text that says "RSVP." Instead of a "v," there's a white guitar pick. On the right, there appears to be an RSVP card.
"Help the legacy of Les shred on." Drawing of a red and yellow guitar on a blue background. The background looks like clouds. In the upper right corner, there is a yellow guitar pick shape that says "Paul McCartney" on it.