Steve Brown Apartments in Madison offer young adult housing. We launched their Lucky apartment building with two concurrent viral campaigns: one that seeded the name Lucky, and one that seeded their address, 777 University Avenue.

Lucky collateral
Two full-page ads for Lucky Apartments. Left side has a cut-out die with sides that say "lucky" and "not lucky" on the bottom it says "the luckiphant wants to play." 
Right Ad has a spinner game were one would cut the spinner out and connect it to the wheel of lucky/not lucky. Tagline at bottom is, "The luckiphant wants to play"Cut-out fortune teller paper folder that has flaps that say "lucky" and "not lucky," on the left side. On the right, there's an elephant that when you cut and fold, turns into a box paper elephant.
Also shown are two small self-mailers: one is black with a white elephant trunk on the right side, the other is red/black striped in the background with the white logo elephant in the center.Palm cards. 1st has lucky elephant logo in black with green background. 2nd has what looks like a "p" with a star in the middle. 3rd is a circle with alternating red and black pizza slices that say "lucky" and "not." 4th is green with a square peg board kind of design.
Lucky gear
White Lucky-branded tshirt with small elephants lined up in rows. at the bottom it says ""Brownish green hooded sweatshirt with the lucky logo in white
777 spray stencil
Everything looks like it was spray-painted through a stencil. In a circle it says "777" and underneath is says ""
777 website
Homepage of the Lucky Seventology campaign website. Includes a count-down to the date Lucky Apartments opened and peoples reactions to the viral marketing
Blue elephant standing on a blue globe of the same shad. Brown box with white lettering across the middle that says "Lucky."
Reveal ad
"You only live once. Live Lucky." Shows the Lucky logo with the elephant overlooking Madison with a nice view.