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Godfrey & Kahn does more than practice law. In five cities throughout the Midwest and Washington D.C., nearly 200 attorneys practice their client-first values set more than 50 years ago.

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Picture of a jar filled with lightbulbs that says "insight" on it. Underneath is text, "You see the destination. We see your path. Insight. Experience. Passion for business. And a promise that we'll work as hard making your business a success as we do our own. Because to us, the only true measure of our success is yours. Godfrey Kahn, we think business."A mayonnaise-type jar sits on a wood table. The jar says "Optimism," and in smaller text, "A premium blend of determination and belief in the good." There's a navy shape to the right that says "To everyone who sees the possibilities. To the people who pitch in. To the volunteers who spend their weekends giving back. And to the leaders who seek out challenges and don't give up. To each undaunted optimist, every devoted realist, and all the true believers working to make this community great, thank you." "Godfrey Kahn, we think business."