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Everybody wants something great.

Companies want to deliver it, agencies want to create it and customers want to feel it. You'd think all this striving for the same thing would make finding an advertising agency easier. It's not.

Here's the insight: great work and great client relationships happen when the agency culture complements the client's culture, and when the basic beliefs of what makes great work and a great relationship are in sync – then the two organizations perform as one.

Here's to the good guys.

We believe that the good ones finish first. So we like to work with companies we consider good.

Companies for Good understand that success and profit are the rewards for solving a basic consumer problem, making their life better, or inspiring them to feel something special. We search out these Companies for Good and build long-term relationships.

We hire people who maximize the good that these companies do, and the things that matter most to their customers. Through research, we find insights: what's real, what's compelling, what matters most to our clients' customers. Then we develop disruptive ideas and communications that move traffic, build loyalty and result in profitable growth.

The secret sauce.

Here's what makes KW2 so absolutely unique – we call it the Common Cup. Every KW2 employee has one, and every client gets one. Yes, it's literally a handmade cup, made 30 miles from our Madison, Wisconsin, headquarters. But it's much more than that. It's the first active ingredient in our relationships. Cups in hand, we collaborate, work and succeed together, growing relationships that bring strategy, creative, clients and customers into alignment, gathering as one around clear purpose and common cause.

The Cup works. How do we know? In 1984, the average client/ad agency relationship was 7.2 years and by 1997 it was 5.3. Today it's less than 3. Conversely, in 1986, we started working for our first client. They're still a client. The Cup works.

This collaborative, open approach is driven by owners Andy Wallman and Jennifer Savino. We help Companies for Good build loyalty with ideas that disrupt the status quo and strike the market's chord. And along the way, we've given back over $2.1 million in advertising and digital goods and services to nonprofits through Goodstock.™ But enough about us. Let's hear about you. Cheers.