Lisa Maiers, Account Manager

Lisa Maiers

Account Manager
Hi. I'm Lisa, an Account Manager here at KW2. Having owned a small video production house in Iowa for many years, I bring a unique perspective to our agency. As the lone Iowan here at the agency, it's been a little rough adjusting to life as a Sconnie and (ugh) among Packer fans.

A formula for client happiness based on family movie night

Friday nights are deemed Family Movie Night at our house. And on Friday morning like clockwork, the family and I talk pizza orders and figure out the movie du jour. Sometimes there is a little more strategic Netflix queue planning involved. Sometimes we have guests join us – friends or grandmas and grandpas. Sometimes we watch sequels back to back. This month is all about Star Wars – we’re going out of order based on the best viewing order recommendation we found online. And boy, Episode I had a really long wait. But, every Friday, without fail, is Family Movie Night.

As we all converge from our busy day, everyone gets in comfy clothes, grabs plates and heads to the living room. Yes, the living room. I am the crazy person that allows a five year old to eat pizza in the living room. But, he’s been doing this since he was three. No disasters yet. (Knock on wood.) And we each have our designated spots where we sit. Even the dogs have their spots – easily accessible for any crumbs dropped.

This got me to thinking. FMN boils down to a simple formula: Predictability + Collaboration = Happiness.

Every Friday. Always pizza. Always a movie. Always in the living room. No matter how crazy the week or what is going on for the weekend, we have carved out time for our family to be together.

In the case of FMN, our family runs as a democracy. Everyone has a say. We collaborate on our choices, agree or find a compromise that everyone can stand behind. (Yes, I’ll admit, the five year old wins most of the time.)

All of us look forward to this time together. Okay, and we’ve been known to dance during the credit songs.

So, isn’t this what clients really want from their advertising agency? And why they keep coming back?

They want to know they’re going to get the very best service with each and every project. You do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. And their job will be done right every time. They expect you to come to the table with loads of ideas and be open to hearing theirs. All with the goal of finding that perfect collaborative balance to choose the best possible direction (solution). And, ultimately, they want to be over-the-moon happy with their creative. Well, who doesn’t want that?

Hey marketers – we could all adapt a little more FMN into every project and every client relationship. It goes a really long way in building those trusted partnerships. Especially the happiness part.

As Yoda would say, “May the Force be with you.” Okay, that was lame. Cut me some slack. I haven’t watched Star Wars in over ten years.