Acing Email Marketing Data with Constant Contact Reports

We recently helped a client get up to speed with their reports and analytics system. Email marketing analytics have never been easier with Constant Contact and its dashboard of information. Why should you consider email marketing? Whether you’re sending new product information, a specific business unit’s newsletter, or company news, it’s important to know where your emails are being sent to, who is seeing them and what the response is. After all, how can you manage what you don’t measure? Analytics are a must for email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact Reports is a quick and convenient tool that should definitely be considered in your strategies. Here is what it can tell you:

Emails Report The Constant Contact Emails Report is a compiled list of the emails you have sent out in the past. The following information is provided in Constant Contact analytics. They’re worth knowing and tracking the next time you conduct email marketing:

  • Bounce – The number of emails not received by your contacts, which could be caused by a number of factors including full mailboxes, vacation auto-replies and spam filters, among others.
  • Spam Reports – The number of recipients who marked the email as spam.
  • Opt-outs – The number of recipients who unsubscribed from your email list.
  • Opens – The number of emails your recipients have received and opened.
  • Clicks – The number of recipients who clicked on a link within your email.
  • Forwards – The number of times the email was forwarded.

Comparative Metrics View your efforts to date on a larger landscape with Comparative Metrics, which presents the overall metrics as well as the metrics of the last three months. This can be particularly useful for viewing the success of your emails if you’ve recently changed your marketing tactics.

Email Statistics Graph Here is where things come together and you can really get a feel for your email campaign success. Remembering the previous definitions, this graph will display bar and line graphs to give you information at-a-glance. Convenient metrics presented in the graph are the Industry Open and Click Rates. These will show your email’s success compared to the industry’s average success with email marketing. While your organization should establish benchmarks unique to your goals and resources, these industry averages are a good place to start. constant contact


This is just one piece of the puzzle; the bare bones of the insights and information you can uncover with Reports. Now that you understand the basic overview of Constant Contact and its analytics reports, it will be easier to analyze past and current results and better plan for the future. Being aware of these metrics will allow you to better strategize your content to drive Forwards and ultimately, Clicks to your website. On the opposite side, through Opt-outs and Spam Reports, you can tailor your future emails to steer clear of particular topics or content that are not appealing to your audience.

From the start, making sure you integrate with other tools, such as Google Analytics, can further boost the potential of your email marketing campaign and Constant Contact Analytics. Enabling Google Analytics tracking into your email ensures that Google will pay attention to the traffic coming into your website, directly from your emails and what they’re doing, once they’re on your site. For other applications that integrate with Constant Contact, take a look at their Apps and Integrations page on their website here.

At KW2, we utilize MailChimp and Constant Contact, with Google Analytics integration. We pay close attention to the collection of data and analytics, but sometimes our clients prefer another platform that offers the best tools for their marketing goals. So we’d like to know: Does your company use Constant Contact or another platform? How do you interpret those analytics and data for better email marketing and site traffic?



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