Introducing the Intern Journal – Chapter 1

We’ve started a new tradition at KW2. We picked up a blank journal that we’ll leave with our ever evolving team of interns to communicate across time with one another. Each new intern will be encouraged to tell us their expectations. Through their time here, and most importantly, at the end, we’ll ask them to note the big takeaways from their experience.

Here’s what we got on our first try:

The Intern Journal Entry #1
By Taylor Laabs

3 Big Takeaways From My Internship

1. ASK
Asking questions is a big part of why I had such a great time here. Ask to be in meetings, ask to see new work, ask any questions you may have regarding advertising. Most importantly, ask and be proactive in looking for new work and projects. The projects I asked to be a part of were often the most fun and interesting for me.

Embrace the culture here, because it’s a great one. Try to attend as many Happy Hours, Beer:30’s and Good Music events as you can. Because during these events are when the best and most meaningful relationships form.

Try to form as many relationships with people here as you can. These people know their craft and have a lot of knowledge they’d love to share with you. Informational Interviews are also helpful. Plus, these people are connected to a wide array of contacts and industries that may prove useful to you later on.

Interns are important to us. We value our interns at KW2 and share everything we possibly can with them. They’re involved right away in the thick of things and bring valuable insight. Heck, we’ve even hired a few over the years. It’s amazing to see them go on to big agency jobs in Chicago, New York and LA. It’s wonderful when they come back to visit and tell us about their new adventures.

We thought of The Intern Journal as a tool to help new interns get comfortable and learn about KW2: who we are and what we do. But the good folks at KW2 will certainly learn from reading these words of intern wisdom.


Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection Announcement

KW2 Adds Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection to Client Roster

Today we announce an addition to our client roster: Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP). Our strategy, planning, digital and creative teams aided the new brand, BHTP, in the launch of their revolutionary travel insurance product line with a comprehensive, strategic marketing and advertising rollout. The campaign launched on June 1.

“KW2 demonstrated exceptional experience and pulled together a dynamic team to help us launch our new brand,” said Brad Rutta, Director of Marketing for Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. “There was great chemistry between the two organizations from the beginning, and KW2 has managed to work under the difficult timelines necessary to execute our campaign.”

This is a revolutionary travel insurance offering. Consumer research confirms that there is confusion and distrust around travel insurance. People often indicate the insurance is too expensive for common trips, and that making claims is a complicated process. BHTP launched their entire campaign around one basic requirement: simplicity. The AirCare product costs only $25 and can be purchased up to one hour before a flight. The benefits are aimed entirely at flight protection and include: paying travelers $1,000 when they encounter travel problems like tarmac delays and lost baggage, $500 for missed connections and baggage delays, and $50 for a two-hour flight delay. Real-time trip tracking allows BHTP to see travel issues before they occur, and they can process payments directly to the traveler’s account.

KW2 assisted with the brand development, product naming, and website design (www.bhtp.com), and we created all creative assets for the digital campaign including online banner ads, mobile ads, digital audio, video and pre-roll commercials. The advertising campaign launched in conjunction with Hayworth Marketing and Media, targeted at consumers and travel professionals.

Andy Wallman, President of KW2, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to add BHTP to our client roster. We’re thrilled to help them revolutionize travel insurance with the innovative ways they’re putting the customer first. Berkshire Hathaway is one of the premier financial brands in the world, and we’re committed to helping them grow their brand in the specialty travel insurance business. Every member of the team here at KW2 is 100% committed to their success.”

For more information, go to kw2ideas.com and check out our Featured Work.