Change is good

Change is good

Change is good. Like the kind that would, say, come from having a Madison advertising agency’s address at 2010 Eastwood Drive on this fair city’s fashionable near-east side. The excitement, the jostling that change brings to thinking and creativity, the many fantastic local restaurants and businesses we’ll be supporting…all good.

Advertising has come out of the hallowed halls at 5201 Old Middleton Road longer than any other place in Madison’s history. In 1923, on St. Patrick’s Day, Arthur Towell Advertising was born. In 1972, Towell, Inc. moved into 5201 Old Middleton Road. Knupp and Watson moved in there in 1992. That’s 41 years of advertising in one location. I’ll have to buzz Doug Moe or Stuart Levitan to see if that’s some kind of record.

The props for the famous Pizza Pit delivery-driver-in-the-snow ad were created at 5201, by longtime Madison ad guy Dick Zillman. Many local, regional and national businesses were helped there. A ton of important work for the State of Wisconsin was created there. The “best U.S. annual report of 2010” was created there. And many, many great friendships were created there.

We will still have some operations happening at the old location as we settle into the new location. We think you’ll love its wide open spaces, the views, and the beautiful outdoor deck. Let us know if you’d like to check out our new digs, and see the change for yourself.